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Goh Lip g.lip at
Sat Jul 2 04:00:05 UTC 2011

On Sat, 02 Jul 2011 11:48:52 +0800, Ric Moore <wayward4now at>  

> My last update automatically checked for updates in my plugins then
> proceeded to run. No major strain there. If it continues to behave like
> that, no worries for me. I think what will work better, is by using the
> major addons. If you use something obscure, then there may be problems.
> I dunno.  Ric

There are many bugs in Firefox 4 and resolving them seems to add more  
trouble and that's why they start with a clean slate with Firefox 5 and  
won't want to clean up Firefox 4. But Thunderbird 3 is okey dokey, and  
jumped straight to Thunderbird 5 just to keep the numbering in sync with  

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