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Fri Jul 1 18:44:32 UTC 2011

Hi Donald,

On 11-07-01 4:50 AM, "Donald Talbert" <donaldtalbert at> wrote:

>On Thu, 2011-06-30 at 18:46 -0400, Scott Davies wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> Pardon me jumping in without a solution, but I spied the GPG subject
>> and got all excited.
>> Can anyone recommend some good books (yes, I knowŠbooks are so 20th
>> century, but that's how I learn best), that cover GPG on Ubuntu in
>> particular as well as the Unixes ?  I have to support some Ubuntu
>> boxes (hooray!), as well as Mac OS X 10.6.8 workstations.
>> Thanks guys,
>> Scott
>You'd be surprised, books are probably the best way to learn about
>computers and most technical guides I bought that are 500 - 1400 pages
>come with a pdf so your not carrying a cinder block around with you
>lol. :)
>PGP & GPG: Email for the Practical Paranoid $16.13USD, never read it but
>it has good reviews. Published date is 2006, so take note of that.
>Donald Talbert <donaldtalbert at>

Yes, it's still books for me...and now, e-books.  I split between Kindle
and PDF - PDF when I can and Kindle if it's only available in that format
and not another format and if the price is substantially lower.  Not only
do I save a lot, but you're right...I'll actually have a back when I
retire, ha ha!

Thanks for mentioning this book.  I saw it and wondered what anyone else
had thought.  Thanks for pointing out the publish date.  Some of the
examples in the official GNU handbook online that another poster in this
group mentioned appear dated as well, but that won't impact me in terms of
the fundamentals.  For the bleeding edge, I will still consult online.  At
this point, I'm working on laying the foundation.



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