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> On Thu, 30 Jun 2011 18:30:00 -0700
> NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> > Really? If I sign up for blowup googoo dolls and it mines my email
> > addresses & sends invites to all in my email address book/lists I
> > shouldn't be responsible?
> I think you should.
> In fact, I think you should be responsible even if it happens to
> me.   ;-]
> Seriously, though, you are 100% correct; it is the user's
> responsibility to control his/her own machine and its actions.
> Anything less is  .. not responsible.
> Hell, that's why I left Microsoft's products.  No easy control.
> Agreed. It's a user's problem. I belong to LinkedIn and I know that you as
a member need to select the functionality to allow those services access to
your contact lists (which I will never do). They all have the same code that
functions the same way. If you allow it, the default is to drag *all* of
your contacts in at once and allow you the job of removing those you don't
want (which too many people would probably not want to bother with). Since
we as users *opt-in* to such functionality, we as users should think before
blindly blanketing the wires with our junk. The next time you get an
unsolicited L.L.Bean catalog in the mail, try knocking on every door in a
four block radius just to tell whoever opens the door that you got the
catalog in the mail and would like to read it to them...
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