Skype won't work Creative Live! Cam Vista IM

Conny Enström uncurbed at
Thu Dec 29 20:14:59 UTC 2011

2011-12-29 17:22, jimkvg at skrev:
> Although I could watch the other end on Skype in my screen, but I wasn't
> shown on it. Skype won't work Creative Live! Cam Vista IM. I opened
> 'Options' to Video part and tried the black square for test. The name of
> the cam appeared in the box ok, but test didn't come on when I clicked
> on it. I googled for troubleshooting tips and all I got did not solve
> the problem. I noticed in the Ubuntu Software Centre's reviews that
> Skype should work good in Ubuntu 11.10. Did I miss something? Please
> help? Thank you. Jim
> PS I use Ubuntu 11.10 64bits. guvcview and Cheese Webcam Booth both work
> fine.

A page called tell me this:

"works well once installed the right kernel module
the instructions to install kernel module are very easy to find
there are problems with skype due to the Skype software unless you 
change some parameters manually
perhaps the next versions of skype will solve the problem"

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