Skype won't work Creative Live! Cam Vista IM

jimkvg at jimkvg at
Thu Dec 29 16:22:25 UTC 2011

Although I could watch the other end on Skype in my screen, but I  
wasn't shown on it.  Skype won't work Creative Live! Cam Vista IM.  I  
opened 'Options' to Video part and tried the black square for test.   
The name of the cam appeared in the box ok, but test didn't come on  
when I clicked on it.  I googled for troubleshooting tips and all I  
got did not solve the problem. I noticed in the Ubuntu Software  
Centre's reviews that Skype should work good in Ubuntu 11.10.  Did I  
miss something?  Please help?  Thank you.  Jim
PS I use Ubuntu 11.10 64bits. guvcview and Cheese Webcam Booth both work fine.

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