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On 27 December 2011 15:48, Richard Owlett <rowlett at> wrote:
> Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 26 December 2011 16:40, Richard Owlett<rowlett at>  wrote:
>>> Liam Proven wrote:
>>>> [snip]
>>>> With the best will in the world, I think you're being unrealistic. There
>>>> are quote a few tens of THOUSANDS of software packages that form part of
>>>> Ubuntu. Testing every possible interaction is impossible. (Ever heard of
>>>> the term "combinatorial explosion"?)
>>> I'm not THAT difficult ;)
>>> All my 'plaints have been specifically about the Live CD.
>>> And more specifically about getting in on both my machines in a
>>> configuration which would be usable *TO ME*.
>>>> In this instance, what you are trying to do /does/ work - I have done it
>>>> repeatedly in the last 2 months as part of a project I am developing.
>>>> However, it is nonstandard&  has an element of risk.
>>>> Have you tried what I suggested yet? I.e. disconnecting your hard disc
>>>> first?
>>> I started an attempt. On my desktop machine, the physical location of the
>>> drive's data cable is not conducive to attempting this.
>> Try harder.
>> I am not being facetious. I have done what you are asking, quite a few
>> times now, and so have several of my colleagues. It is not that hard
>> *if you understand what you're doing*.
>> If you're experiencing problems, then I think you do not yet have the
>> level of expertise to make this work successfully for you. If you get
>> it wrong, then you're going to either [a] inadvertently affect
>> partitions on your hard disk(s) or [b] rewrite its boot sector or [c]
>> both. You probably don't want to do this. I have read your posts in
>> the past lamenting when it happened before - you couldn't boot your PC
>> and you didn't know how to fix it.
>> So, don't try it.
>> In any event, getting the 2 steps correct, *together*, will *still*
>> give you a bootable USB stick which has a load of spurious entries
>> regarding the OS(s) on the hard disk(s) of the PC you create it on,
>> which probably won't work on the other PC. So even if you get it
>> right, it's not ideal.
>> So, do it the proper way, the right way. Disconnect the hard disk. I
>> have never seen a desktop PC where it's all /that/ hard. If the cable
>> is inaccessible, then it probably means the hard disk(s) are located
>> in a removable drive cage, which typically only takes 1 screw -
>> sometimes 2, rarely more on cases less than a decade old - to remove.
>>> Someone mentioned an "alternative install procedure" which apparently
>>> give
>>> more options or perhaps makes them more visible.
>> Not really, no.
>> It seems like you are reluctant to do this. Well, I'm sorry, but man
>> up and face it. You'll be glad later. :¬)
> We'll agree to disagree about my sanity (or lack thereof ;)
> My hardrive w/carrier is removable with ZERO screws, the data connection
> remains awkward to remove/replace.

Is it IDE or SATA?

Have you tried removing the other end, that goes into the computer's
motherboard, instead?

> The risk/reward of going that route is
> not worthwhile compared to my personal goals.

Risk? It's a 2min job. 5min if the machine has to be pulled out from
under a desk or something. (OK, this is assuming that the person doing
it does not suffer from serious disabilities.)

> I do wish to say thank you to you and others for patient answers.

No problem. I have returned to the question repeatedly because I too
wanted to to this a month or 2 ago & was frustrated at the near-total
absence of howtos or instructions to be had online.

> [In my early 50's, having returned to school, two profs were discussing me
> in the school's lobby. One said "This young man can be persistent can't he."
> The other replied "Yes (significant pause) about what he wants to be."


I suspect that's most of us...

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