Needed fully functional [NOT 'Live'(sic)] Linux on USB stick - was [Re: Ubuntu on pendrive]

Richard Owlett rowlett at
Tue Dec 27 15:48:44 UTC 2011

Liam Proven wrote:
> On 26 December 2011 16:40, Richard Owlett<rowlett at>  wrote:
>> Liam Proven wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>> With the best will in the world, I think you're being unrealistic. There
>>> are quote a few tens of THOUSANDS of software packages that form part of
>>> Ubuntu. Testing every possible interaction is impossible. (Ever heard of
>>> the term "combinatorial explosion"?)
>> I'm not THAT difficult ;)
>> All my 'plaints have been specifically about the Live CD.
>> And more specifically about getting in on both my machines in a
>> configuration which would be usable *TO ME*.
>>> In this instance, what you are trying to do /does/ work - I have done it
>>> repeatedly in the last 2 months as part of a project I am developing.
>>> However, it is nonstandard&  has an element of risk.
>>> Have you tried what I suggested yet? I.e. disconnecting your hard disc
>>> first?
>> I started an attempt. On my desktop machine, the physical location of the
>> drive's data cable is not conducive to attempting this.
> Try harder.
> I am not being facetious. I have done what you are asking, quite a few
> times now, and so have several of my colleagues. It is not that hard
> *if you understand what you're doing*.
> If you're experiencing problems, then I think you do not yet have the
> level of expertise to make this work successfully for you. If you get
> it wrong, then you're going to either [a] inadvertently affect
> partitions on your hard disk(s) or [b] rewrite its boot sector or [c]
> both. You probably don't want to do this. I have read your posts in
> the past lamenting when it happened before - you couldn't boot your PC
> and you didn't know how to fix it.
> So, don't try it.
> In any event, getting the 2 steps correct, *together*, will *still*
> give you a bootable USB stick which has a load of spurious entries
> regarding the OS(s) on the hard disk(s) of the PC you create it on,
> which probably won't work on the other PC. So even if you get it
> right, it's not ideal.
> So, do it the proper way, the right way. Disconnect the hard disk. I
> have never seen a desktop PC where it's all /that/ hard. If the cable
> is inaccessible, then it probably means the hard disk(s) are located
> in a removable drive cage, which typically only takes 1 screw -
> sometimes 2, rarely more on cases less than a decade old - to remove.
>> Someone mentioned an "alternative install procedure" which apparently give
>> more options or perhaps makes them more visible.
> Not really, no.
> It seems like you are reluctant to do this. Well, I'm sorry, but man
> up and face it. You'll be glad later. :¬)

We'll agree to disagree about my sanity (or lack thereof ;)
My hardrive w/carrier is removable with ZERO screws, the 
data connection remains awkward to remove/replace. The 
risk/reward of going that route is not worthwhile compared 
to my personal goals.

I do wish to say thank you to you and others for patient 
[In my early 50's, having returned to school, two profs were 
discussing me in the school's lobby. One said "This young 
man can be persistent can't he." The other replied "Yes 
(significant pause) about what he wants to be."

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