Needed fully functional [NOT 'Live'(sic)] Linux on USB stick - was [Re: Ubuntu on pendrive]

Richard Owlett rowlett at
Sat Dec 24 22:35:07 UTC 2011

Colin Law wrote:
> On 24 December 2011 17:28, Richard Owlett<rowlett at>  wrote:
>> ...
>> Oh ye of over abundant faith. I've having computer failures for 50 YEARS ;/
> Same here (well 44 years anyway), but generally they have been down to
> operator error :(
> Colin

But the "poor innocent" had said:

"Just try it. Forget instructions. Just do it. It's easy. It 
just works."

More seriously, Ubuntu/Canonical/???? has a much more 
serious problem!

inadequate *TESTING* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a sophmoric engineering co-op I got the relevant "wake 
up" call.
Ubuntu has yet to receive relevant reality check!

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