Newbie query: Ubuntu vs openSUSE

Liam Proven lproven at
Sat Dec 24 12:34:05 UTC 2011

On 24 December 2011 09:39, Craig White <craigwhite at> wrote:
> W/R/T replies such as the several incredibly wordy, historically
> accurate (but worthless), comparatively inaccurate (lacks knowledge of
> current versions of alternative distributions) by Liam... that is
> precisely why I found his trolling to be unacceptable. He is getting
> people to waste their time.

Point of information:

The fact that someone does not agree with you does not mean that they are wrong.

Furthermore, they could be right /and/ you could be right. Both are
perfectly possible. I can say with confidence that it is 12:33PM and
about 5°C outside. Where you are, this is probably not true;
nonetheless, I am right and so are you in saying something completely

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