Needed fully functional [NOT 'Live'(sic)] Linux on USB stick - was [Re: Ubuntu on pendrive]

Liam Proven lproven at
Fri Dec 23 22:20:35 UTC 2011

On 22 December 2011 15:52, Richard Owlett <rowlett at> wrote:
> Those seem to be instructions for (expletive deleted) "Live Install".
> I want a Linux installed on a USB stick that is indistinguishable from what
> would be on your hard drive if one had chosen "Install Now" on "Live CD" and
> chosen "wipe out my life's work currently on hard drive and any existing
> OS".
> I haven't decided whether to laugh, cry, or stop banging my head on desk ;)
> I've been fighting this for > year. I followed on set of instructions
> several months ago and ended up with a dual boot muck-up with grub on my
> hard drive and and a non-bootable install on USB stick.
> I think the installation menu on the "Live" device should be:
> Install
>  to internal drive
>     dual boot install
>     delete current OS and install as only OS
>  to external drive
>     specify external drive

It's not going to happen, I think.

I too went looking for info on this and failing to find it. But it's
actually quite easy. You just do it. Partition your USB stick first if
you like - GParted works well. Then just choose it as the disk to
install upon, and also be sure to choose the whole device (e.g.
/dev/sdb *NOT* /dev/sdb1) for the installation of the bootloader. DO
ESSENTIAL to override this and tell it to put it on the USB stick.

The easiest way to achieve this is to temporarily disconnect your hard
disk. Then you will have no way to get it wrong, and the USB stick's
GRUB menu will be free of entries for your HD's OS.

Just try it. Forget instructions. Just do it. It's easy. It just works.

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