Needed fully functional [NOT 'Live'(sic)] Linux on USB stick - was [Re: Ubuntu on pendrive]

Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu Dec 22 16:11:55 UTC 2011

Richard Owlett wrote:
> I want a Linux installed on a USB stick that is
> indistinguishable from what would be on your hard drive if
> one had chosen "Install Now" on "Live CD" and chosen "wipe
> out my life's work currently on hard drive and any existing OS".

Install VirtualBox and "VirtualBox Extension Pack" from 
<> (select the version for your 
current OS).

Create a virtual machine without a virtual disk and let it boot from the 
ISO file of the Ubuntu version you want to install.

Attach your pendrive to that machine.

Install the Ubuntu system to the pendrive (which is seen as an internal 
disk to the virtual machine). Beware - you will lose all your data on 
the pendrive and it will be formatted with ext4 afterwards (unless you 
use custom partitioning).


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