Newbie query: Ubuntu vs openSUSE

Rameshwar Kr. Sharma mathsrealworld at
Fri Dec 23 07:02:04 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 11:37 AM, doug <dmcgarrett at> wrote:

> Why not get a live CD for each of the systems, and run them.

Well, this idea is good. I try that but since some issues of internet
here are, like poor speed, so wish to get the first download itself as
the one which is to be installed, this I would do though, but in your
opinion, I guess Ubuntu should be fine, of course, I understand that
these are Ubuntu mailing lists but was looking for some honest
suggestions, like you did, thanks.

> You may find that one system is much more to your liking
> than the other.  However, be aware that there are a number
> of desktop environments available.  There might be more
> for OpenSuse, I just don't know. There are some for
> variations on Ubuntu, such a Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and even
> Mint, which is a descendent, but not under Ubuntu control.

Okay, I assume (don't know much) that both - Ubuntu and openSUSE are
mature distributions. I explore the different desktops then.

> The "word" is that Gnome is on its way out, and something
> like Unity will take its place.  You may find you don't like
> Unity--apparently a lot of folks don't.  There were grumbles
> about KDE when version 4 came out, but it's now up to (I
> think) 4.8, and even since 4.5, it has been quite useable
> and stable, and in some flavors, at least, is more user-
> friendly to those who come from a Windows environment.

Why many folks have said that unity is not good? Is it having some
bugs or what? But no problems, I would see the other desktops too.

> There are also "light" DTEs, like XFCE and LXDE which
> you may be able to get on live CD for Suse and/or Ubuntu.
> I haven't tried either one, so I just know they exist.

So XFCE is also good, I assume, I would see both - LXDE and XFCE.

> Good hunting!--doug


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