wireless chip deleted from lspci output

Abhishek Dixit abhidixit87 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 04:36:08 UTC 2011

3-4 days back on my Ubuntu 11.04 machine wirless suddenly stopped
working.Googling forum etc showed STA driver was the cause of problem
so as per this link
installed the b43 driver (blacklisting etc done)

by issuing
sudo apt-get purge firmware-b43*
sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer
Things worked smooth after a reboot I was able to get wireless
back.Today morning I see the wireless again not detected and
lsmod does not shows any wireless driver module loaded,
lspci -vnn does not even shows the wireless chip which used to be present as
What went wrong here? What could be done?
I had installed Oracle Virtualbox yesterday and it was using wlan0 for
its networking as interface which used to be my wireless card.

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