Any way to enter family-name and given-name in Evolution directly?

Chris Green cl at
Wed Dec 14 21:09:01 UTC 2011

I sometimes need a way to enter family-name and given-name explicitly in
Evolution and I can't see how to do it.

For example I want to put a family into one entry:-

    family-name - Smith
    given-name  - Liz, Phil, Robert, Chris and Sarah

However I mess around in the 'Full Name' and 'File Under' I can't get
the names entered the way I want.

Similarly if entering Company names (which I want in the family-name
field so they actually appear in a useful place) it's often very
difficult to make the whole thing appear as the family-name.

Is there any way around this problem or is it just another good reason
for avoiding Evolution?

Chris Green

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