Need to create a VPN Tunel

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Tue Dec 13 18:55:04 UTC 2011

>I need to create a vpn tunnel between our main office and our  European


Openvpn is free and relatively easy to set up, and requires only 1 port open
in the router/firewall. Openvpn is also nice in that there are clients for
Windows and most other OSes. 

Many routers/firewalls have a built in VPN, so that might be the first place
to look. There is a free-to-use firewall named EFW (Endian Firewall) that is
great in that it allows you to create a tunnel using openvpn or IPsec, that
you can leave open all the time and connect to any ip address on the
opposite lan whenever you need. 


With any VPN just make sure the IP address range you use on your lan is
different than the range used on the remote lan, or there will be conflicts
and services failing.





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