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Tue Dec 13 09:36:11 UTC 2011

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 2:19 AM, Hakan Koseoglu <hakan at> wrote:

> No, the target is Ric. Spreading FUD is just that. FUD.

> What matters is what is tested and supported by Ubuntu and they only
> support and test the scenarios I have outlined. I had already
> mentioned my recommendation on how to upgrade from a very old non-LTS
> release to the next 12.04 or from 10.04LTS to 11.10 - if separate home
> directory is used, reinstalling will be easier, especially for a home
> user.

> Since you are an absolutely clueless newbie (obvious from your various
> mails to various different mailing lists)( or a troll, hope not), what
> answers you are given are important since it looks like you follow
> them w/o any additional research.

Well of course, I am a newbie, but I am always gentle to the lists and
the public in general, and moreover, (while you may be right, I have
not checked) but Ric earlier too suggested me good points which I have
implemented and found okay. I would _request_ you to please be
**gentle** with others, however, this is my suggestion.

And being a newbie - is not an offense! People love Ubuntu from all
over the world, in whatever profession they might be and I have vastly
seen such cases, so there knowledge too is limited and they ask things
and perform basic computer type of things. Further to join more
mailing lists ---- is a personal choice, and moreover many people use
many distributions all over the world, but since Ubuntu is the one I
have liked the most.

Best Regards.

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