Open Office and / or Libre Office

Hakan Koseoglu hakan at
Mon Dec 12 09:59:32 UTC 2011

On 12 December 2011 09:48, LinuxIsOne <reallife at> wrote:
> Whatever, but I have only LTS, uses only LTS and would upgrade from
> 10.04 => 12.04 LTS! Whatever comes in between (if comes) is
> acceptable, however, I came to know that LTS to LTS is supported and
> works well. I hope there would not be anything which _could_ go wrong.
> Further, I hope (and guess) that U matter would be easy in new 12.04
> and there would not be any issues...
LTS can upgrade to interim releases but to go to 11.10, you will have
to go through every single release in between. If you wait until 12.04
is out, you can go straight into that without going through interim

Any release can have issues, see the release notes before attempting
an upgrade. On the other hand, the only upgrades tested and supported
by Ubuntu are LTS to LTS, LTS to the next non-LTS release, non-LTS
release to the next non-LTS release, without any jumps.

If you have set up a separate home directory, it would be
significantly easier to reinstall the latest non-LTS version, if you
are in a hurry to use something more upto date.

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