Open Office and / or Libre Office

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sun Dec 11 15:43:45 UTC 2011

LinuxIsOne wrote:

> > > 3. I cannot upgrade from LTS to LTS?
> >
> > Yes, this is supported, too; the next LTS is 12.04, due in April
> > and, from all accounts, is shaping up rather nicely.
> >
> > The supported paths are:
> >
> > LTS -> next LTS
> > LTS -> next normal release
> > Normal release -> next normal release
> >
> So the best choice for me is LTS -> next LTS.

I would say so. The Unity shipping in 12.04 is a good deal better than
that in 11.10 from what I hear, and any progress on MATE (an attempt at
a Gnome 2.x for machines running Gnome 3) will improve it there, too.

If all you're particularly looking to upgrade is
Office, then I'd just upgrade that and wait until April before

> I guess that option 3) is suited for me. So first I uninstall _both_
> and then install LO.....
> But a small query:  Is it really neccessary to UNinstall OO after I
> install LO. However, I would use only LO but would OO (if it remains
> there in the sys.) cause a conflict with LO...? It happens really?
> And I have to (or should?) remove OO only because I don't use it and
> uses OO?

I would like to think not - the danger, as I understand it, is that the
LibreOffice installation changes some components that
uses. If you've no intention of using, that shouldn't
really matter.


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