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I was under the impression that running both OpenOffice and LibreOffice
> on the same system was considered a bit dangerous, since they
> conflicted. I'm not aware of having the two of them installed at the
> same time being a supported environment on Ubuntu, which would explain
> why update-alternatives hasn't been notified of that option.
> Why are you running both? Is there some features you need only
> available in one, and others only available in the other? As I say,
> much of the reccomendation is that you should run one or the other, but
> not both.

But since I had some issues with OO so I just followed the post and
installed LO. I thought that OO comes by default (in integration of
installation LTS) but LO I had installed. Ok, if this is the case I would
uninstall one, preferably OO (to be uninstalled) and LO to be retained.

> I'm not sure why you ended up being advised to install the package from
> Sun/Oracle, though. The Libre Office packaging team for Ubunu maintain
> a PPA you can use to install it as you would any other software on
> ubuntu:
> Personally, I'd advise uninstalling the Libre Office you just
> installed, and the that the distro came with, and just
> follow the instructions on that PPA page.

Okay, I really didn't know this. In fact, I am coming directly from XP, so
I just (always) follow the posts here. Okay I install from this PPA
(whatever be the method and the link suggests, in that way).

> PPAs are basically specific-case repositories, where packages that
> aren't suitable for general distribution go - they're outside the
> supported core of Ubuntu, but they do conform with all of Ubuntus
> standards normally, and they have straightforward installation and
> uninstallation. They can be created by anybody, though, so they're not
> a lot safer that downloading any other installer from the net, though
> that particular one is from the people who package LibreOffice for
> Ubuntu, so you've already implicitly entrusted them by installing
> :)

Oh I see.

> Yeah, in that case you would need to go back and repeat those same
> steps again when you feel the need to upgrade. Were you to use the PPA,
> you'd get upgrades through the normal upgrade process.

Okay but for uninstallation, I must do from Synaptic Package Manager and
then reinstall through PPA. I do that now. And for this first
uninstallation of LO from Synaptic the process I guess is this: just typing
LO in the search field and removing for complete all those which matches
the search query?

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