Is there a tech support list/site for Mint Linux

Mike lake.wind77 at
Mon Dec 5 14:01:38 UTC 2011

On 12/04/2011 03:47 PM, jimmckenzie at wrote:
> I need to fix open OpenGL in Mint 11 64 bit (AMD) with Kernel 3.1.1 010103-generic and I can't find a damned thing on line any where. Tons of questions asked 6 - 8 years ago but nothing new. I can't find a tech supp list either. No games work (They won't launch), none of the screen savers work (just a black screen no graphics, for the record The Screen Saver Lattice) I'd really rather not have to hose and start over. Is there a guide online about this? I know I sound a bit terse right now but I'm at a complete loss for answers and where I live no else has even heard of Linux let alone Kernel 3.X.
> I appoligize for the edgy nature of this message but I can't get any local help and I don't know what to do.
> Any/All help will be appreciated.
> James R McKenzie
> jimmckenzie at

Sorry to hear you're having problems. Just to clarify your 
statement "Tons of questions asked 6 - 8 years ago but nothing 
new", I find that hard to believe. Linux Mint only began 5 
years ago in 2006. Also, the Linux Mint community is very 
active so if you found nothing relating to your problem you 
must have been looking in the wrong place.

There are plenty of resources for Linux Mint out there and 
they are easy to find. Not sure where you were looking but try 
these for starters:

And you can even try the main website:

Or if you like you can use IRC

#linuxmint-help on IRC network 'SpotChat'

There's also this:


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