Is there a tech support list/site for Mint Linux

Liam Proven lproven at
Mon Dec 5 13:25:36 UTC 2011

On 4 December 2011 20:47,  <jimmckenzie at> wrote:
> I need to fix open OpenGL in Mint 11 64 bit (AMD) with Kernel 3.1.1 010103-generic

Mint 11? I didn't think 11 had kernel 3.x. It's based on Ubuntu 11.04
which used 2.6.38, IIRC.

> and I can't find a damned thing on line any where. Tons of questions asked 6 - 8 years ago

Six to eight YEARS ago? Mint didn't exist back then!

>  but nothing new. I can't find a tech supp list either.

You didn't look very hard, then. 4th hit when googling for "Mint mailing list":

> No games work (They won't launch),

Which games?

> none of the screen savers work (just a black screen no graphics, for the record The Screen Saver Lattice)

Most are optional installs, IIRC.

> I'd really rather not have to hose and start over. Is there a guide online about this? I know I sound a bit terse right now but I'm at a complete loss for answers and where I live no else has even heard of Linux let alone Kernel 3.X.

Have you hand-installed your own build of a development kernel on an
out-of-date version of Mint?

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