Thunderbird icon in Unity launcher

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Tue Aug 30 21:01:59 UTC 2011

On 08/30/2011 12:51 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 08/30/2011 10:37 AM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
>> On 08/30/2011 12:12 PM, NoOp wrote:
>>> On 08/30/2011 10:03 AM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
>>>> On 08/30/2011 11:35 AM, NoOp wrote:
>>> ...
>>>>> I run SeaMonkey from a home folder; I followed the instructions on
>>>>> answer 33 in that thread, the one that starts with:
>>>>> "This is a method without editing config files and without root privileges.
>>>>> First create the Launcher on the Desktop (only temporary)"
>>>> That is the one I followed also.
>>>>> Note: when creating the launcher, the proper icons for Thunderbird&
>>>>> SeaMonkey are in:
>>>>> /thunderbird/chrome/icons/default (default256.png is the best for me)
>>>>> /seamonkey/chrome/icons/default (seamonkey.png)
>>>>> respectively.
>>>> Those are the ones I used and I tried them all thinking maybe the
>>>> resolution had something to do with it.
>>> And it still doesn't stick for you? Review the instructions again&   make
>>> sure that you "Now drag and drop your launcher from
>>> .local/share/applications to the Launcher Bar on the left on your Screen."
>> No. I just tried deleting everything and started over following the
>> instructions step by step.  I also tried by following the instructions a
>> little farther down about changing icons.
> ...
> Odd. Worked for me - twice. I even modified the launcher (via the
> terminal) in ~.local/share/applications to add command line launch
> instructions (-mail -browser).
> Sorry, don't know what else to suggest. Switching back to Ubuntu Classic
> now... Unity drives me crazy; I waste too much time trying to figure out
> how to do the simple things I do daily with standard GNOME.

+1  As I mentioned in another post it was far less frustrating learning 
to use Ubuntu 9.10 having never even seen any flavor of linux actually 
running on a computer than it is trying to become productive with Unity.

This is my second attempt.  It's a little bit easier this time as there 
are now more indicator apps that I can use to make the bar at the top 
act like a Gnome panel.  And I found something called Avant Window 
Navigator that is reasonably functional as a Gnome panel at the bottom.

Regards,  Jim

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