Trying to Load Ubuntu 11.04 onto HP Laptop. Failed at reboot

compdoc compdoc at
Mon Aug 29 13:20:04 UTC 2011

With laptop drives, you don't typically need to set jumpers, and there is
usually only one hard drive so less to worry about.

If you have the option, set the bios to use AHCI. Second best choice would
be Native Sata, as I think you mentioned in another post. But also try the
other options if those don't work -just don't use the RAID option.

Are you allowing the Ubuntu installer to use the whole disk and create the
partitions the way it likes? If so, it won't be a partition problem.

I think you said it's a new drive so it likely won't have problems. However,
if you would like to see if the drive is ok, boot a live cd and open the
Disk Utility, (palimpsest) select your hard drive, and look at the SMART
data by clicking the large button.

If there are any Reallocated Sector Counts, Pending Sector Counts, or
Uncorrectable Sector counts, then send the drive back for another one. The
data you want to read is listed in the 'Value:' area. It should be zero for
all those, and the SMART Status should be displayed as green (good).

By the way, don't overlook your ram - burn a bootable cd from the memtest86+
iso which you can download from their website. Boot it and allow the tests
to run a few passes at least, or even better, let it run overnight. Oh, I
think memtest is also on the Ubuntu install cd as a boot option.

After all that, try another OS and see it you can install it: Windows,
Fedora, Mint - whatever you like. See if you have different results.

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