Internet based file server.

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Sun Aug 28 16:33:26 UTC 2011

Am 28.08.2011 14:57, schrieb Wipe_Out:
> Hi,
> There are lots of internet based file storage services popping up.. 
> Some making the internet server look and feel like a normal file server..
> I wan't to attempt setting something like this up for our use..
> Typically you setup shared storage on the network and access it 
> through CIFS/Samba from Windows PC's.. This is fine in the office but 
> when the laptop is taken home there is no access..
> If something was setup that was accesses in the same way locally as 
> remotely (some form of internet service accessed by FQDN or URL) then 
> it would be the same as what these services are offering..
> So the question.. What protocol would be best?
> Options are FTP, Webdav or SCP as far as I can see..
> FTP is insecure and I am not familiar with setting up SSL secured FTP..
> Webdav seems like a good option because from the looks of it a simple 
> SSL site configuration is all that would be needed to access the 
> webdav storage securely..
> SCP is probably the most secure but not natively supported by windows 
> in order to simply map a drive..
> Have I left anything out?? Is anyone doing anything like this?? Where 
> am I going to get stuck??
Webdav is the best solution for a internet based fileserver.
You can mount the shares on windows like a local network share. 
(Everything with central board)
Only problem with Windows XP central board and ssl connection.
But there are enough tools third party tools to do this.
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