Internet based file server.

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There are lots of internet based file storage services popping up.. Some
making the internet server look and feel like a normal file server..

I wan't to attempt setting something like this up for our use..

Typically you setup shared storage on the network and access it through
CIFS/Samba from Windows PC's.. This is fine in the office but when the
laptop is taken home there is no access..
If something was setup that was accesses in the same way locally as remotely
(some form of internet service accessed by FQDN or URL) then it would be the
same as what these services are offering..

So the question.. What protocol would be best?

Options are FTP, Webdav or SCP as far as I can see..

FTP is insecure and I am not familiar with setting up SSL secured FTP..

Webdav seems like a good option because from the looks of it a simple SSL
site configuration is all that would be needed to access the webdav storage

SCP is probably the most secure but not natively supported by windows in
order to simply map a drive..

Have I left anything out?? Is anyone doing anything like this?? Where am I
going to get stuck??

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