samba broken

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Aug 26 17:42:00 UTC 2011

On 08/26/2011 09:54 AM, Linda wrote:
> This week my samba connection between my XP computer and my 
> Ubuntu 10.04.3 computer has quit working.  When I checked 
> the /etc/samba file had lost smbpasswd so I copied contents 
> of /etc/samba from my backup onto the Ubuntu computer but it 
> still does not work. I can ping from ubuntu to XP and vice 
> versa. I also bring up the XP computer under places network 
> as read only file systems. However the XP computer will not 
> even acknowledge the Ubuntu computer exits using Network 
> Places on XP or using Search for the computer. I checked 
> Hosts and lmhosts on XP and they are still there.  Any ideas 
> on why this has suddenly ceased working
> I'm leaning towards removing samba and going through a fresh 
> setup since I'm stuck but thought someone might have a 
> suggestion on what happened
>                                   Thanks
>                                     Linda

Maverick 10.10, but I think should be the same on 10.04:

$ ls /etc/samba
dhcp.conf  gdbcommands  smb.conf  smb.conf~  smb.conf.ucf-dist
$ locate smbpasswd

Is nmbd running?

$ service nmbd status

should appear as:
$ service nmbd status
nmbd start/running, process <pid>

Are they both using the same workgroup name?

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