look & feel degraded since latest xorg update

Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 24 13:59:23 UTC 2011

On 24 August 2011 14:53, ssc1478 <ssc1478 at aim.com> wrote:
> Running natty, after the last set of updates, some of the look and
> feel looks like its a lower resolution.  Not sure how to describe it.
> When an app, such as firefox, is maximized, the icons in the upper
> left are an x in a red circle, a dash in a black circle, and a square
> in a black circle instead of the icons.

That is what I see all the time, maximised or not.  I assumed that is
what I am supposed to see.

>  When the app isn't maximized,
> the correct icons are used.   The context menus are also appear
> degraded.

Have you checked the display resolution?


> The apps themselves are fine, and wobbly windows is working so compiz
> is seems to be working.
> I use the Radiance theme with Gnome Icons, but regardless which theme
> I switch to this problem is still there.
> Anyone know what I need to do?
> Thanks!
> Phil


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