look & feel degraded since latest xorg update

ssc1478 ssc1478 at aim.com
Wed Aug 24 13:53:32 UTC 2011

Running natty, after the last set of updates, some of the look and
feel looks like its a lower resolution.  Not sure how to describe it.
When an app, such as firefox, is maximized, the icons in the upper
left are an x in a red circle, a dash in a black circle, and a square
in a black circle instead of the icons.  When the app isn't maximized,
the correct icons are used.   The context menus are also appear

The apps themselves are fine, and wobbly windows is working so compiz
is seems to be working.

I use the Radiance theme with Gnome Icons, but regardless which theme
I switch to this problem is still there.

Anyone know what I need to do?


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