Starting a script from USB stick on 10.10 and newer

sktsee sktseer at
Mon Aug 22 16:28:34 UTC 2011

On 08/22/2011 10:10 AM, Roland Turcan wrote:
> <<<  16.08.2011 22:18:49 - Roland Turcan "konf at">>>
> RT>  <<<  16.08.2011 18:05:33 - Johnny Rosenberg "gurus.knugum at">>>
> JR>>  2011/8/16 Roland Turcan<konf at>:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> I need to be able to start a script located on USB stick which is
>>>> mounted as VFAT with "showexec" option.
>>>> Where can I change the automount options to get "exec" option for all
>>>> connected USB sticks?
>>>> PS: On 10.04 was usb stick mounted without "noexec" or "showexec"
>>>> option and therefore it is possible to start a script.
>>>> Thanks in advance.
> JR>>  Do you mean that you want a script to execute as soon as you plug in
> JR>>  the stick in the USB port?
> RT>  No, I meant to start any bash script using double click from USB
> RT>  stick.
> I don't believe that no one knows the solution here.
> Please help me!

 From mount's manpage:

         If set, the execute permission bits of the file will be allowed 
only if the extension  part of the name is .EXE, .COM, or .BAT. Not set 
by default.

Try appending the script names with a .bat extension on your vfat 
formatted usb drive.


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