Starting a script from USB stick on 10.10 and newer

Roland Turcan konf at
Mon Aug 22 15:10:18 UTC 2011

<<< 16.08.2011 22:18:49 - Roland Turcan "konf at" >>>
RT> <<< 16.08.2011 18:05:33 - Johnny Rosenberg "gurus.knugum at" >>>
JR>> 2011/8/16 Roland Turcan <konf at>:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I need to be able to start a script located on USB stick which is
>>> mounted as VFAT with "showexec" option.
>>> Where can I change the automount options to get "exec" option for all
>>> connected USB sticks?
>>> PS: On 10.04 was usb stick mounted without "noexec" or "showexec"
>>> option and therefore it is possible to start a script.
>>> Thanks in advance.

JR>> Do you mean that you want a script to execute as soon as you plug in
JR>> the stick in the USB port?

RT> No, I meant to start any bash script using double click from USB
RT> stick.

I don't believe that no one knows the solution here.

Please help me!

Best regards, TRoland

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