Is Dillo Missing From Natty's repos?

sktsee sktseer at
Mon Aug 22 13:44:18 UTC 2011

On 08/22/2011 04:02 AM, Graham Todd wrote:

> AAAH...that explains it:
> Please remove dillo:
> - Depends on long-obsolete GTK 1.2 libs (#515271)
> - Broken HTTPS support (#510348)
> - Security bugs unfixed for more than nine months (#535788), #560874
> - Newer upstream releases depend on fltk2 which has license problems
> - Unmaintained (#575240)
> I guess I'll have to inform the Claws-Mail list.....
> Graham

The situation will probably change in at least the next couple of weeks 
if not sooner. FLTK1.3 is in Debian unstable now, and a development 
snapshot of Dillo 3.0 is in experimental. Final release of 3.0 is 
supposed to be out sometime by the end this month. Soon after it'll 
probably make its way into Debian unstable, though it'll be too late to 
be included in Ubuntu Oneric. I would expect that it'll be available in 
a ppa not long after its final release.


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