Kde-config-touchpad vs kde-config-synaptiks

Eric Griffith egriffith92 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 01:01:13 UTC 2011

Apologies if this is to the wrong list, but can one of the devs (or
someone who's familiar with the ubuntu packages) Tell me exactly what
the difference is between the 2 packages above?

99% of Distros seem to default to kde-config-touchpad which places
itself under System Settings > Input Devices

But so far, Ubuntu is the ONLY distro (not even stock debian) that I
have seen that packages "kde-config-synapiks" ...and I have no clue
what on earth it is.

 Synaptiks seems to install it as a seperate application, coming up in
KDE if I search "Synaptiks" which installs itself as a daemon, and
allows me to, in a GUI form, disable the touchpad automatically if an
external USB is plugged in, ignoring specific external mouses, disable
the touchpad while typing; and those are things that the standard
kde-config-touchpad that all other distros  ship just can't do and its
a really big pain when I keep bumping the mouse and knocking focus all
over the place. (Currently on Fedora, thinking of moving back to Arch;
and neither has Synaptiks available, well maybe in the AUR but still)

I sent this to Ubuntu-users cuz I'm not actually 100% convinced that
kde-config-snaptiks IS a kde-module, and not just a GUI to handle
mouse events and parameters

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