Tero Pesonen mail at tpesonen.net
Sun Aug 14 17:16:51 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-08-14 at 11:52 -0500, Jordon Bedwell wrote:
> On 08/14/2011 11:43 AM, Tero Pesonen wrote:
> >> Heh, you can't win, Jordon, when the subject line of this thread started
> >> off empty. <chuckles> Tero, since Unix has been around since the dawn of
> >> time, old geeks are used to using plain text and for eons bandwidth has
> >> been a consideration. 
> > 
> > Where does it state that? I am in favour of rejecting HTML here, but the
> > list code of conduct has opted not to do so. Nor did the sign up page
> > that I used do so. Or mention anything about top/bottom posting for that
> > matter.
> It's official, you are the straw man.  Also:
> "Avoid sending emails in HTML format, if possible. Some people may find
> it more difficult to read or reply to these emails. Also, HTML email
> takes up more space, so people with restricted Internet access will be
> happier to receive plain text emails." <
> http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/mailinglists enough with your
> trolling straw man.

I have not been aware of those rules. I have only been aware of the code
of conduct linked on the list signup page which I used. And had you not
provided that link, I would never have come across it either, since I
would not have known to look for one (since I have already read and
accepted one set of rules).

So, I apologize to you for not having known these rules. But may I also
suggest that the list rules are linked on the list signup page so that
they are actually found and read.

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