Tero Pesonen mail at tpesonen.net
Sun Aug 14 16:43:31 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-08-13 at 19:51 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-08-13 at 17:37 -0500, Jordon Bedwell wrote: 
> > On 08/13/2011 05:22 PM, Tero Pesonen wrote:
> > > You said saving bandwith was the entire justification for plain text; it
> > > is not the justification for me, as my earlier reply explained. Nor is
> > > to other users whom I know to prefer plaintext. So in case yours was
> > > meant to be a universal statement, let me opine that that no, bandwith
> > > restrictions are not the only justified reason to send plaintext.
> > 
> > I can't tell if this is the straw man playing with fire or if this is
> > just plain trolling either way, just because I state it's the
> > justification means it's obviously about /only me/?
> Heh, you can't win, Jordon, when the subject line of this thread started
> off empty. <chuckles> Tero, since Unix has been around since the dawn of
> time, old geeks are used to using plain text and for eons bandwidth has
> been a consideration. 

Where does it state that? I am in favour of rejecting HTML here, but the
list code of conduct has opted not to do so. Nor did the sign up page
that I used do so. Or mention anything about top/bottom posting for that

And the whole thread originated from someone having posted a multipart
message with plaintext and HTML portions, as is common now, which I
commendted was OK, since that message did not force HTML on the receiver
by having also the plaintext part.

> So, as this list notes on the sign-up page, plain text is what is used
>  here. So is bottom posting (or middle post) and trim. So, it is what
>  it is, the list preference.  No pink unicorns with sparklies allowed.
>  Plus, a person can readily print out the summation (FIXED!) of the
>  back and forth email exchange to a resolution in a case, for
>  reference. On just about any printer, including a Teletype 33 or a
>  Qume. 
> Now you know, sin no more, you are absolved. And welcome to the list. 

I welcome the absolution. But of which sin (breaking a list rule
perchance?)  in particular was I absolved? I don't want to re-sin.


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