Doug dmcgarrett at
Sun Aug 14 02:51:21 UTC 2011

On 08/13/2011 07:51 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
> Heh, you can't win, Jordon, when the subject line of this thread started
> off empty.<chuckles>  Tero, since Unix has been around since the dawn of
> time, old geeks are used to using plain text and for eons bandwidth has
> been a consideration. So, as this list notes on the sign-up page, plain
> text is what is used here. So is bottom posting (or middle post) and
> trim. So, it is what it is, the list preference. No pink unicorns with
> sparklies allowed. Plus, a person can readily print out the summation
> (FIXED!) of the back and forth email exchange to a resolution in a case,
> for reference. On just about any printer, including a Teletype 33 or a
> Qume.
> Now you know, sin no more, you are absolved. And welcome to the list.
> Ric
You say that a person can readily print out a summation of the the email
exchange to a resolution of the problem.  I am not aware of how this is 
and whether it is done for all of the Linux lists, or just for Ubuntu, 
or what?
Please elaborate.

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