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Fri Aug 12 06:32:49 UTC 2011

One might have different hardware, or bios... the only way to tell is to
> do an '$ sudo lshw' and compare. And that's probably a good idea since
> he can get to the terminal from Recovery mode. Also, keep in mind what
> initramfs is; a temporary file system that is loaded into memory...
> could also be that the problem system has a hardware memory issue.

 Hi NoOp,
 I also guess the isssue of memory, there is a message am seeing on the
machine itself, am about to get back into server room, and I will tell what
is that message.

But so frustrating. The machine is having 3 hard disks. Goh advised me to
change the hard disk. I inserted on disk at a time, leave the two, and
re-installing. The first failed, giving the same message. The second one
worked. I inserted back the other two disks, formatting them and booting the
machine. The same error message again appeared.

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