Bluetooth stopped working recently?

Josef Wolf jw at
Mon Aug 8 19:06:31 UTC 2011


I had bluetooth working fine for several years on two laptops here. Last time
I used it, (2011-08-03) it worked like a charm. I haven't done any changes
on those laptops except running "aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade".

Since then, neither hciconfig nor "hcitool dev" shows me any BT devices.

I am pretty much sure this is not a hardware problem, since the hardware of
the laptops is pretty much different (one has built-in BT, on the other I
use an external USB dongle) and they both stopped working at about the same
time. And when I boot the grml live-cd, hciconfig happily shows me the BT

One of the laptops is running Ubuntu-10.10, the other one is running

Any ideas?

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