VLC - Inhibit the power management daemon during playback

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Tue Aug 2 23:45:45 UTC 2011

ANDY wrote:

> I have a fundamental problem with Ubuntu, and that is rather than
> fixing the bugs in a version, they put the fix in the next version --
> where they introduce more bugs.   This is a similarity to MS Windows
> and not a confidence builder.

No, bugfixes do find themselves in current versions. What else are you
getting every time you do an apt-get upgrade? Right now, you're not
getting much but that's because 9.10 is beyond its end-of-life.

Feature changes don't, in the main, come down; even if it's fixing
behaviour considered to be a bug, if there's a chance anyone's relying
on it staying as-is then it's likely to not be sprung upon users. This,
though, is a bug that, when fixed, I'd expect to find in all
currently-supported releases.

> The VLC problem has existed since September 2009; another example is
> the Stellarium package that has been broken since November 2009.

This is a different problem; that of bugs not being fixed. By and
large, those bugs that are fixed make it into the current releases. 

> I'll upgrade after Gnome 3 is integrated, Unity isn't forced and I'm
> willing to lose applications Ubuntu won't fix without introducing a
> new buggy OS.

In 11.10, Unity isn't forced any more than Gnome was for the previous
several releases; you're free to install whatever you want to use.
In 11.04 it's just another option for a DE at the login window, it's
just that the default switches from Gnome 2 to Unity.


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