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giovanni_re john_re at
Wed Sep 22 08:14:12 UTC 2010

I can't get flash working now.  It was working maybe a month ago, but
then stopped, & I haven't tired since then.

The latest message is:
"You need to upgrade your flash player. Download it from Adobe."

But, I've  tried installing it using the Ubuntu flashplugin-installer,
but it won't show up as installed.

I'm running Firefox direct from Mozilla, not ubuntu, to have the debug
ability on, for if a crash occurs.

I turned off flashblock & noscript, & restarted Firefox, then killed

I purged flashplugin-installer, then reinstalled it.  It downloaded &
installed flash from adobe.

I ran firefox from the command line, choosing not to use the:
"-no-remote -P default",
which I use to run multiple copies of ff at once.

Before it started it asked which type of ff to run (using the names I've
given it for the multiple instances/topics I've set up).  I selected the

Still it fails to use the flash player on YouTube pages, giving the
"need to upgrade" error message.

How can this be fixed?

Thanks :)

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