Unity Interface in 10.10 Netbook Edition

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Sun Oct 31 08:17:08 UTC 2010

On 30/10/2010 02:24, Michael wrote:
> On 10/29/2010 02:21 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> <snipped>
>> Then then crap started to happen with some "progressives" starting crap
>> called KDE4 - which resulted in mucho arguments between the KDE3 brigade
>> and the KDE4 brigade.
>> I got p***** off with all this crap and went over to Ubuntu, with its
>> GNOME which I hated to begin with (when I first tried Linux way back in
>> early 1990's).
>> But Ubuntu, with GNOME, was like a gust of fresh air! I was flying like
>> a bird with no widgets or plasmoids or gismoids or Wlily-Wonka-noids, or
>> anything developed by people who seemed to be on 'wacky-tobbaky'!
> Wow!  My Linux journey followed a path pretty much parallel to yours.
> My first "serious" attempt t use Linux was with Gnome which I hated.
> Discovered KDE and and used it for years until that abomination called
> KDE4 came along.

Pathetic wasn't it? :-(

>    I am not using my desktop right now and I had to
> purchase a laptop.  I hated the windows 7 that was on it so I put on one
> of the other flavors of Ubuntu (xbuntu?) with XFCE.  Simple and pretty
> basic.

Haven't gone that far - by using XFCE. Don't know anything about it. But 
push comes to the shove maybe I'll have to try it.

> I have no use for flashy, bouncy, 3D, animated bloat.  What is the deal
> with everyone wanting to jump on the bandwagon to make everything look
> so garish?

There is a very good reason for it. The advertising industry knows all 
about it. If it flashes, has big tits, has suggestive crotches and 
semi-naked bums poking out at you, then you pay attention - and want it!

>    OK, that is a rhetorical question, but this one is not:  Why
> is there never an option "keep the same look and feel as the previous
> version" of whatever particular package is being "upgraded"?

There is: don't upgrade. Just stay with your current installation.

However, the cunning ones, only give you a certain time period before 
what you have installed will not be supported - and Voila! you have to 
upgrade or be left out of the loop. And then back into the rat race......



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