Not a desperately urgent request but a quick solution would be very nice - it's about a Biorhythm program

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Sun Oct 31 07:58:23 UTC 2010

On 31/10/2010 17:42, rikona wrote:
> Hello Basil,
> Saturday, October 30, 2010, 10:03:48 PM, Basil wrote:
> BC>  On 31/10/2010 06:22, rikona wrote:
> BC>  [pruned]
> Unfortunately, you pruned the part that is related to the topic I was
> referring to - I'll add it back:
> "Of course. It is, as with many other topics, a matter of belief. :-)
> If you reeeeally want to believe that birthday biorhythms work, then
> it is not likely any good science will change your belief..."

What does this have anything to do with anything?

As I said, I did not ask for comments from the peanut gallery. All I 
wanted was the name of an application for Ubuntu which would do what I 
asked for.

> which was then followed by the line below
>>>> A good topic for the Ubuntu off-topic list. :-))
> The topic I was referring to was a discussion of beliefs.

That is YOUR problem, not mine.

All you did is waste my, and others', time in reading your diatribe.

What name of an application which I asked for you have mentioned which 
would be of interest to me?


> BC>  Asking about an application to be used in Ubuntu is now in the category
> BC>  of "off topic" is it?
> No it's not. It is completely on-topic. The comment was not referring
> to either your question or the specific app.

Then what the heck are you on about, for chrissake?!

> BC>  Please spell out your in-depth reasoning for this claim.
> I did not make the claim you state above. I am sorry you misunderstood

Then be ARTICULATE and be specific about what the heck you are talking 

> what was a somewhat-side-discussion between Ric and myself.
> Re biorhythms, many people are not familiar with the statistical
> analyses that have been made about the 'birthdate' kind. I have some
> familiarity with those,

Don't me give me this bullshit. I worked for years in an organisation 
which dealt with nothing BUT statistics, statistics, statistics, statistics.

You know perfectly well that if I have a chicken, statistics will show 
that between you and me we both have 1/2 of a chicken.


> If you need more detail, please let me know...

I don't need more detail.

Read my response(s) to Ric.


"Ning Yu displayed his wisdom while the country followed System, but when it did not, he acted stupid. His wisdom is achievable by others, his stupidity is not."

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