Not a desperately urgent request but a quick solution would be very nice - it's about a Biorhythm program

rikona rikona at
Sat Oct 30 00:34:25 UTC 2010

Hello Basil,

Friday, October 29, 2010, 6:00:28 AM, Basil wrote:

BC> Does anyone know of a Biorhythm program which will install and run
BC> easily on Ubuntu (10.04 or 10.10)? No VMs or VBs or Wines - just
BC> normal Ubuntu.

Even if you find one, don't bother to run it, assuming it's the 'birth
date' type. In tests many years ago, it was shown to have no
statistical validity. Now, if you want to take personal data, analyze
it for statistically valid cycles, that's a go. That DOES have a good
chance of working.

BC> I've searched the 'net but cannot readily find anything which
BC> stands out and which may actually work in Ubuntu.

The 'birthday' one only 'works' for True Believers who disregard
science - on any computer. :-)

BC> Many thanks for any suggestions.

Forget it, maybe? :-)



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