Unity Interface in 10.10 Netbook Edition

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 20:08:11 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 12:39 PM, Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon at decoulon.ch> wrote:
> On Friday 29 October 2010 06:13:19 pm Liam Proven wrote:
>> Not really funny. There's nothing wrong with Mac OS X. It's a very
>> solid UNIX™ OS with a shell environment familiar if you know FreeBSD,
>> and an excellent GUI with more polish than any other graphical OS on
>> the planet. Sure, bits have DRM and things in but you can ignore them
>> and use your own choice of tools - my OS X machines are full of FOSS
>> apps.
> I use Mac OS X, mainly for multimedia. It's the only GUI I have where often a
> program that crashes will keep you from using anything else, and one of those
> which give you the least feed back as to what is currently going on. And yes
> you have a shell, but most of it is useless because Mac OS X is no more
> organised as a *nix (directories and files with empty spaces in their name,
> configuration that ignores the ususal *nix config files) .Try to go to
> another partition at the command line and you'll understand what I mean.
> When polish is used to hide defaults I'm not that impressed. Mac Os _has_ a
> shell but it's not supposed to be used - the terminal is not to be found
> in "Applications", but in it's subdirectory "Utilities"...)
> So yes it's a nice OS, no I don't agree its the "most advanced" and while I
> use it I clearly prefer Linux if I can get it done in Linux.

I disagree about the crashing phenomenon that you describe. I've been
using OS X since late June and my three crashes have been VirtualBox
dying and I've just force-quit it successfully every time.

Apple has a strange take on the command line but, for example, the
partition issue that you mention is no big deal. All partitions are
mounted under "/Volumes" (note the PITA capital letter!). We have

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