local net not working

rikona rikona at sonic.net
Fri Oct 29 18:28:18 UTC 2010

Hello Joep,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 2:03:14 AM, Joep wrote:

JLB> On 27/10/10 03:49, rikona wrote:

>> B>  There is a good web app that allows you to configure a ton of
>> B>  things on your machine including Samba its called webmin. Look it
>> B>  up it may help you out.
JLB> rikona,
JLB> I'm using webmin for several years now on different Linuxes (Fedora, 
JLB> SuSe, Ubuntu) and it is my nr 1. administration application. Browser 
JLB> interface, you can manage several machines from one central system has
JLB> entries for many applications. In my opinion Canoncal should pack it 
JLB> with every basic install.

It seems to be a popular pgm. I'll check it out.

JLB> Another indispensable application (for me) is gkrellm, which gives you
JLB> in a glance an overview of the health of your system (processor load, 
JLB> disk use, temp, etc.).

I installed that and it does give some interesting info. I was
particularly interested because it gives some eth0 info - but - it
does not seem to be quantitative [I was looking for speed in
particular]. Is there a way to display that with gkrellm?

JLB> By the way, Samba is a beast but careful reading of the manual
JLB> should give you the right guidelines to manage it with webmin.

The beast part IS right. :-) I finally got box2 to work on the local
net, but it was a struggle compared to box1; don't know why, though.

JLB> Joep

Thanks for the info. 



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