Unity Interface in 10.10 Netbook Edition

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Fri Oct 29 15:40:42 UTC 2010

On 10-10-29 10:43 AM, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:52:15 +0200
> Thierry de Coulon<tcoulon at decoulon.ch>  wrote:
>> as the traditional Gnome Desktop will remain under Gnome Shell,
>> why doesn't Ubuntu just stick to it?
> Isn't that the real question, anyway?  How does another layer on top of
> what we already have help anything?

I personally expect Gnome-shell to be DOA.  Of course, it will be simply 
improved upon until something usable comes, and they probably will still 
call it Gnome-shell rather than admitting defeat.

However, whether I'm right or wrong, I think some ideas that are 
pioneered and experimented on will endure.  It was from Gnome-shell that 
was I inspired to configure compiz to use Top Left Corner as a hotpsot 
for Desktop Expose, which I now use instead of the old panel workspace 
switchers.  And you know what? for the first time, I see real practical 
every day use out of 3D desktop.  IMNSHO, 16 Workspaces (4x4 grid) with 
fast expose at the flick of a mouse is way better that dual head even.  
Very easy to use and work around with.

It's a real pity that Gnome-shell 'expose' has been rendered useless by 
sharing the screen real estate with a wide activities menu and all 
windows on all desktops are shrunk to "scale.".  That might seem a good 
idea for people who use at most 2 desktops with 2 or 3 apps, but it 
becomes completely useless for multitasking several workspaces.  If it 
wasn't for that, Gnome-shell + AWM/Docky  (and Mutter that scales to 
hardware well) would be very good.

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