Chris G cl at
Fri Oct 29 14:45:39 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 05:08:35AM -0700, Bill wrote:
> I have a small business I run out of my home (Custom built fishing 
> rods). I use Quickbooks pro 2011 to run my business. I use Quicken 
> Premier 2010 for my home finances. I also use Adobe premier for video 
> editing and Sony Soundforge for audio editing. I have not been able to 
> get any of these to work under Wine. Maybe virtual box would work 
> better. I dont want to reinstall software on my main desktop to find 
> out. Wondering if anyone here has been able to run any of those apps 
> under Wine?
I am in a similar situation, small business running an 'all Ubuntu'
network but with the need for a few Windows applications (my accounts
run on an Access database, scannner software, MS Office).

I'd recommend VirtualBox, it works well for us and provides all the
Windows'ness that we need.  Even non-computery types seem to cope with
it pretty well.

Chris Green

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