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On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 8:08 AM, Bill <beau at> wrote:
> After reading all the list mail on Unity and seeing several people have
> been using nothing but Linux I have to ask about resolving an issue that
> has prevented me from going to Linux full time.
> I have several servers running nothing but Ubuntu Server. My Netbook
> runs Ubuntu 10.10 but my desktop runs Win7 Ultimate with Cigwin loaded.
> My problem is I would love to get rid of Winblows and go Ubuntu full
> time  but there are three or four programs that prevent me from doing this.
> I have a small business I run out of my home (Custom built fishing
> rods). I use Quickbooks pro 2011 to run my business. I use Quicken
> Premier 2010 for my home finances. I also use Adobe premier for video
> editing and Sony Soundforge for audio editing. I have not been able to
> get any of these to work under Wine. Maybe virtual box would work
> better. I dont want to reinstall software on my main desktop to find
> out. Wondering if anyone here has been able to run any of those apps
> under Wine?
> My hardware is not an issue with an AMD X6 3.2G using 4G ram, ASUS MB,
> 300G Raptor drive and 3 1T storage drives. I use two EVGA 9800GT 1G
> cards to run two 22" and one 28" monitors.
> I have looked at some of the Linux equivalents to these programs but
> they really dont come close to what the Win versions do. Linux video
> editing is still to complicated for the higher end programs like
> Cinrella. My audio issues mainly come from getting audio to rip music
> from streaming sources. I  can use Audacity for my Vinyl to digital needs.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated on how to get these apps to run
> without blowing up on Linux would be greatly appreciated.

I'd say run them in VirtualBox or VMware.  Your hardware is more than
capable of running them smoothly and doing it that way you can create
individual virtual machines for each application.  You've got the
storage space for it.  This will ensure the apps run fast since the
Windows installations in the VMs will having nothing else installed in
them.  If something happens you can keep your data on one of your
Linux drives and just recreate the VM.  Its a far simpler and less
painful process than reinstalling the whole machine.  Plus, if you do
somehow get a virus on Windows just redo the VM and your main Linux
installation will be safe.

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