Safely Remove Drive needed twice

Mark Widdicombe mwiddicombe at
Fri Oct 29 08:48:05 UTC 2010

>> I don't have internet access, so I don't know.  My pyramids only show up in 'places'
>> view; they disappear when I change the view to 'Tree'.

>Sorry, Mark, at this point I am totally confused.

>You can access this mail list using, presumably, an internet mail
>client, but you don't have internet access - that is, you cannot access
>the internet?

>OK, no problem.

>What my picpaste screenshot shows is that I have Nautilus configured to
>give me Tree View (but with List View and not Icon or Compact View).
>Perhaps this is where the difference lies?

My employers allow email access, but not internet.  Just above the left pane in Nautilus
there is a button that allows one to choose between Tree, Places, Information,
History, Notes and Emblems.  The pyramid symbols next to drives which allows them
to be safely removed only appear when 'Places' mode is selected; they disappear when
one of the other modes is selected.

Is that what happens with you?  BTW I'm still on 10.04.


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