Safely Remove Drive needed twice

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Fri Oct 29 00:43:40 UTC 2010

On 28/10/2010 19:39, Mark wrote:
> I noticed that whenever I have my Sandisk Titanium Cruzer 4G plugged
> in, in order to remove it "safely" I have to do so twice because it
> always comes back after the first time.  This does not appear to be
> the case with my Kingston 8G drive or most of the other USB devices I
> plug in.
> Anyone know why this might be?
> Thanks.
> Mark]

Seems to be a known problem - and has been for a time. You don't say 
which version of Ubuntu you are using but let's say it's 10.04.1 which 
is what I am using. (I cannot check what Maverick does at the moment but 
I think it is the same.)

How is the thumb drive formatted? msdos/FAT or a Linux file system?

If formatted in Linux, then all you need to do is to right-click on the 
icon on the workspace(/desktop) and left-click on "Safely Remove 
Device". (You can also do it, of course, as per next paragraph.)

If formatted in msdos/FAT then you need to go to Places (to panel) click 
on the thumb drive which will bring up the File Manager; see on 
left-side the entry for the thumb drive and click on the pyramid-looking 
icon at the end. This will safely remove it. If you try and do it by 
using the icon on the workspace you will get an error message - which is 
probably why it keeps "coming back" :-) .


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