Safely Remove Drive needed twice

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Thu Oct 28 17:17:06 UTC 2010

I notice this behavior when using an Emerson EMP212-2 and a Slick 
MP212-2 2GB mp3 player, which are very similar. I'm also seeing this 
when using a Kingston 4GB USB thumb drive, another 4GB thumb drive that 
is listing itself simply as Hewlett-Packard and an all-in-one card 
reader. As far as I can tell, every pluggable USB drive is reappearing 
after I safely remove it the first time, causing me to have to safely 
remove it again. This unusual behavior seems to be new in Maverick, as 
it never occurred in Lucid or even in Linux Mint 9. If it hasn't yet 
been done, I can file a bug report on Launchpad.

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